Unique Features That Enhance Beauty and Function

DaVinci Custom Fireplaces™ A luxury designed for your comfort

LED Lighting

All DaVinci Custom Fireplaces™ feature stunning LED under lighting. This lighting can be changed to all colours of the spectrum as it shines through the crushed glass floor. The colour as well as the intensity can be easily changed through the TouchSmart Control. 

Over-head lighting is also a feature of DaVinci Custom fireplaces (except 300mm/12″ glass height). An LED light shines down from the top of the fireplace highlighting and enhances the media in your DaVinci Fireplace – 365 Days a year.

Safe Touch Glass™ Is the Difference You Can See (and Feel)

Crystal-clear Safe Touch Glass™—a standard feature for all DaVinci Custom Fireplaces™—maintains extraordinarily comfortable surface temperatures, eliminating the need for a protective screen and ensuring that every inch of your beautiful fire display is crystal clear. Safe Touch Glass™ reassures you that having a fireplace wherever you want one isn’t limited by the potential for harm.

True Zero Clearance to Building Materials

The non-heating fireplace’s exterior remains cool by way of the outside air that is ducted in. This eliminates the need for expensive, non-combustible building materials and gives you the freedom to bring your finishes right up to the edge of the frameless glass, with any building material you desire.

Elegant TouchSmart™ Wall Controls

2017 Vesta Award Winner for Hearth/BBQ Components & Controls. Our uniquely streamlined fireplace designs achieve a modern look matched by our easy-to-use TouchSmart™ wall control interface. The sleek glass panel connects you to technical features that DaVinci has perfected, including controllable heat exchange, a 10-hour timer and a fascinating array of LED lighting to help set the mood. Available in black or white finishes.

Heat—When You Want It

While DaVinci Custom Fireplaces™ are designed as a non-heating appliance, there are occasions where more warmth is desired. The DaVinci Collection fireplaces have the option of a heat exchanger that allows a portion of the vented heat to be used as a supplemental heat source in the room where the fireplace is located, or to a nearby location within the building. (Available on DaVinci Collection models except Bay or Island.)

Add Artistic Appeal with Handcrafted Media

Transform the overall look of your DaVinci Collection fireplace with transitional Fyre-Art™ options. We handcraft our Fyre-Art™ inspired by real pieces of driftwood and time-worn stones to offer the most detailed and realistic media available. Plus, with a rare level of detail and realism, our artisan-crafted Bon-Fyre™ logs are cast from real birch and individually hand-painted to heighten the exquisite beauty of the vertical and square Maestro fireplaces.

Handmade Artisan Trims From Our Custom Shop

Accent your DaVinci fireplace with a 2″ matte-black trim or an impressive hand-hammered IronWorks™ creation individually produced by the blacksmiths at our in-house custom shop. IronWorks™ trim features hammered, textured surfaces and intricate detailing, available in hand-rubbed Bronze Patina or Burnished Patina. These finishes are hand-applied and absorbed deep into the metal, imparting a rich luster and an artful look.

A Choice of Liners

Our Contemporary Liners Provide A Dramatic Backdrop To The Dancing Flames Of Your DaVinci Custom Fireplace™. Shipped Standard With Either A Beautiful Black Or Silver Paint Finish, Or A Mirror-Like Black Porcelain Finish That Adds Incredible Depth And Heightened Ambience. To Push The Envelope Of Style And Design, Upgrade To The One-Piece Black Glass Interior Liner For The Most Breathtaking Presentation Of Fire.